Mcdonalds Launches Its Own Online Delivery Service Waitr Promo Codes

There is still hope for McDonald’s fans: After franchisees have so far advanced, now comes the official delivery service – in small steps. McDonalds has been delivering online orders in some countries for some time now. In addition to the Asian market, Bigmac and Pommes can also be ordered online in Austria – mostly in Vienna. In Germany, the Burger Group has not yet come out of a test phase in Osnabrück – which was also carried out by a franchisee who now offers the service in Osnabrück permanently. Now the group launches the first “official” own delivery service. And it acts hesitantly as before: Foodora and Deliveroo may deliver in Cologne and Munich for McDonalds from a single restaurant. Competitor Burger King is already much further and another food delivery app Waitr comes with some great Waitr Promo Codes for awesome discounts.

Since November 14th, Cologne customers can order fast food online at in a McDonalds restaurant. There are drinks in PET bottles, on ice and milk shakes the hungry customer has to do without. McDonalds fears quality degradation in the delivery of frosty goods. In Munich, the delivery service starts on 21 November, with an identical offer. In addition to the regular menu, McDonalds will also put together menus for the delivery service at both locations: the first offering is the Burger Party with eight burgers in two different varieties or the Family menu with a Happy Meal of choice and two McDonald’s classics Choice.

Delivery is in Cologne from 11:30 to 22:30 and in Munich from 11:30 to 23:00. The offer is not limited to the two sites, McDonalds apparently plans to expand the test area – at least, the company offers an information service on the customer loyalty program “McVip”. There, customers can sign up for a notification to start the delivery service in their own zip code area. McDonalds told t3n on request that the test results will be evaluated in peace and that the company will only make decisions about further steps after that.

McDonald’s delivery service is in high demand

The delivery service is hotly sought after, t3n had already reported in 2014 on the launch of the pilot phase of the last McDonalds delivery service in Osnabrück – the service with the almost identical name is operated by a large franchisee in Osnabrück and is now in regular operation. In 2015, operator Frank Frommhold reported a large crowd. The McDonalds Restaurant is expected to deliver up to 200 orders a day in Osnabrück.

The McDonald’s headquarters should have initially accompanied the then launch skeptical and then benevolent. A plan for a nationwide delivery service had not been confirmed at that time, but not excluded further local actions. Two years later, the time has finally come and the group has finally decided on its own test phase.

McDonalds lags behind the market

Not only in the US, but also in Germany, fast food shops are springing up with high-quality, well-made burgers. McDonalds has been reluctant to respond to the new competition, and there has been a premium line called “Signature Collection” for quite some time, which is already available in many restaurants in the US. In Germany, the new citizens are still rare. For years, refurbishments of the restaurants, which also include lounge-style McCafe areas, are underway – and are designed to give the interior a more valuable touch to take the interior away from the budget fast-food style. Recently, the group pumped a half a billion in a completely new restaurant concept and build by the end of 2019 all German restaurants , writes the star.

Another attempt to upgrade the restaurants, is also included: McDonalds introduces the service in the square in Germany. Sophisticated signage and ordering systems divide the seating areas into zones so McDonalds staff can quickly find the guest. In the US, the concept is already longer on the start, but as a simpler variant: It is ordered normally at the bar and the guest gets the usual number plate pressed into his hand. In general, the company is not averse to digital technologies in its renewal process, and in Germany, for example, more and more kiosk systems can be found, which enable fast ordering and payment by card. This reduces or avoids snakes.

Compared to the competitor Burger King but McDonalds lags behind with the delivery service. Burger King now offers a nationwide delivery service with a considerable number of branches, by the end of the year it should be 200. Also Burger King sets with Lieferheld on a delivery service as a cooperation partner.