International Computer Games Collection Is Online As A Database

First stage success: The International Computer Games Collection is online as a database and is accessible to all interested parties. The aim of the project, which has also received funding from the German government, is now to expand the collection into the world’s largest and most extensive database, said Çigdem Uzunoglu, Managing Director of the Digital Game Culture Foundation. Currently, it handles around 40,000 computer and video games that have come onto the market since the 1970s. Well over 60,000 titles are planned to be posted on the internet with the cover, release date and background information.

With the launch of the online database, the goal of the first project phase, which was also funded by the Federal Government, was implemented, the initiators said. “With the help of politics, we now want to usher in the second phase quickly and bring the exhibits together in one place so that they can be used,” Uzunoglu said. In the following second phase of the project, the collection should also be physically collected in one place. The group is to become the world’s largest and most extensive database and the beacon for Germany as a Games location.

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“International games collection must be in Germany.” “As more and more institutions around the world begin to build computer game collections, we can create the world’s largest collection in one fell swoop by pooling the common holdings of ICS partners,” said Felix Falk, executive director of the industry association game. The industry is now hoping for financial support from politics.

She already has a comrade-in-arms with State Secretary Dorothee Bär (CSU): “The international games collection has to be in Germany,” affirms Bär. She is a kind of family part of the collection, as she has handed over some of her grandfather’s Atari games to the initiators. The Bundestag member Ruediger Kruse is also committed to the ambitious project. It was a strong idea, and it was time to put it into action quickly, said the rapporteur in charge of the Budget Committee of the Bundestag.

The project is organized and coordinated by Stiftung Digital Spielekultur, which has set itself the task of increasing the acceptance and significance of digital games in society. Partners of the project started in 2017 include the Berlin Computer Games Museum, the self-control entertainment software USK and the Center for Computer Game Research of the University of Potsdam, Digarec. In the first phase of the project, the collection was already financially supported by the Federal Government.

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